Is KSA Market Place only for cards?

A: No, KSA Market Place offers selling of graded and non-graded cards with genres of sports and non-sports, along with autograph authenticated items. 

How can I sell my cards on KSA Market Place?

A: If you are interested in selling cards on KSA Market Place, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out all the applicable and necessary information on the form. 

What are the benefits of selling on KSA Market Place?

A: KSA Market Place is a safe alternative to your usual selling platform. KSA Market Place is closely monitored by individuals on our team so no counterfeits, tampered or altered cards are up for sale. KSA Market Place has communication with both the buyers and sellers during the entire process. We have systems set in place where you no longer have to worry about a card not arriving and is beneficial financially to sellers with only a 12% commission fee. 

How much does it cost to sell on KSA Market Place?

A: KSA Market Place takes a 12% commission from pre-tax sales which includes the payment processing fees. 

What grading companies are accepted on KSA Market Place?

A: The following grading companies are accepted to be sold on our platform:








Are raw cards allowed to be sold?

A: Raw cards are allowed to be sold on the Market Place. All cards whether they are raw or sealed will be monitored closely. 

Do I need a letter of authenticity to sell autographed items?

A: Yes. All autographed items sold on KSA Market Place; no matter who the signature is from, is needed to be accompanied with a letter of authenticity from a reliable and reputable authentication company. 

Why don't I see a category for my specific product sport/genre? Does that mean I can't sell that genre on KSA Market Place?

A: KSA Market Place makes categories available either under cards or memorabilia once we have that specific sport/genre populated.

Do I get my money right away once I sell something?

A: No. Payments will be mailed out on a twice a month basis with a minimum of $100 in the account payable.

How long does it take for the product to be uploaded?

A: All products have to be verified and approved by KSA Market Place first. The time to have a product approved is a maximum of 24 hours. 

What are my steps to become a seller?

A: Contact KSA Market Place and ask for a registration request. Once you are notified that you have been verified build your profile. Before uploading products please read over our terms of service, pricing policy, and FAQs. Then you are ready to sell! To login to your sellers account please use the Marketcube login page.

How do I upload a product?

A: 1. Click add product

2. Choose the option "add physical product using our form" (unless you are uploading in bulk)

3. Type your desired title for the product

4. Type your desired description about the product 

5. Enter your desired price and make sure to include tax

6. Choose the appropriate collection the product belongs in. Example: a Wayne Gretzky rookie card: type in hockey and select that option

7. Hit save and next

8. Choose Shopify tracked inventory

9. Input the relevant quantity number for the product

10. Hit save and next 

11. Upload images of the front and back of the product and any other images you wish to upload relevant to the specific product

12. Hit save and next 

13. Add variants if applicable 

14. Complete fulfillment and wait for the product to be approved from KSA Market Place 

Demo coming soon.

What are my steps once I sell a product?

A: View the order information. Package up the card with bubble wrap and place it in a well fitted box. Ship the package as soon as you possibly can to the customer with tracking and signature required. Email the customer and notify them regarding shipment and the shipping information. Fulfill the order. Remove the card off the site. 

How much is shipping?

A: At this time the shipping fee is a standard $18 CAD. Customers have the $18 automatically added to checkout. The fee includes tracked shipment, a signature required, and $100 of insurance coverage. Sellers you will be in charge of shipping the item and will receive the money back for it in your twice a month payouts. 

What happens if I don't send the package with tracking?

A: If you don't send the package with tracking and the buyer states he/she never received their package it is your responsibility as the seller to resolve the issue. KSA Market Place will get involved if a resolution isn't made. 

How do I create a buyer account?

A: Once you purchase your first product off of KSA Market Place it will automatically ask you to create an account. Once you create that account you are able to access it for future purchases.

What is my responsibility as a buyer?

A: As a buyer on KSA Market Place, your responsibility is to read the terms of service before being active in purchasing, provide all shipping and contact information at checkout, and confirming delivery to the seller as soon as the package arrives. 

Is there any warnings on KSA Market Place?

A: Depending on the severity of the issue, both buyers and sellers get a 1 time warning and if an issue evolves again after that warning there is a permanent ban from the KSA Market Place. 

Where can I view terms, policies, and regulations?

A: KSA Market Place official pricing policy and terms of service can be found in the footer of our website. 

Who do I contact if my questions aren't answered here?

A: For any questions not answered on the FAQ page or if you have concerns, please email KSA Market Place customer service through our form on our contact us page.