Is KSA Market Place only for cards?

A: No, KSA Market Place offers selling of graded and non-graded cards with genres of sports and non-sports, along with autograph authenticated items. 

Are KSA graded cards only allowed to be sold?

A: KSA Market Place allows graded cards to be sold that are graded by any reputable card grading company, not just specifically KSA.

How can I sell my cards on KSA Market Place?

A: If you are interested in selling cards on KSA Market Place, please visit our Contact Us page and fill out all the applicable and necessary information on the form. 

How much does it cost to sell on KSA Market Place?

A: KSA Market Place takes a 12% commission from pre-tax sales which includes the payment processing fees. 

Do I get my money right away once I sell something?

A: No. Payments will be mailed out on a twice a month basis with a minimum of $100 in the account payable.

Do I need a letter of authenticity to sell autographed items?

A: Yes. All autographed items sold on KSA Market Place; no matter who the signature is from, is needed to be accompanied with a letter of authenticity from a reliable and reputable authentication company. 

How much is shipping?

A: At this time the shipping fee is a standard $18 CAD. Customers have the $18 automatically added to checkout. The fee includes tracked shipment, a signature required, and $100 of insurance coverage. Sellers you will be in charge of shipping the item and will receive the money back for it in your twice a month payouts. 

Who do I contact if my questions aren't answered here?

A: For any questions not answered on the FAQ page or if you have concerns, please email KSA Market Place customer service through our form on our contact us page.