Is KSA Market Place only for cards?

A: No, KSA Market Place offers selling of graded and non-graded cards with genres of sports and non-sports, along with sports memorabilia items. 

How can I sell my cards on KSA Market Place?

A: If you are interested in selling cards on KSA Market Place, please visit our Sell page for more information. 

What are the benefits of buying & selling on KSA Market Place?

A: KSA Market Place is a safe alternative to your usual selling platform. KSA Market Place is closely monitored by individuals on our team so no counterfeits, tampered or altered cards are up for sale. KSA Market Place has constant communication during the entire process. We have systems set in place where you no longer have to worry about a card not arriving and is beneficial financially to those wanting to sell.

What grading companies are accepted on KSA Market Place?

A: The following grading companies are accepted to be sold on our platform:








Are raw cards allowed to be sold?

A: Raw cards are allowed to be sold on the Market Place. All cards whether they are raw or sealed will be monitored closely. 

Do I need a letter of authenticity to sell autographed items?

A: Yes. All autographed items sold on KSA Market Place; no matter who the signature is from, is needed to be accompanied with a letter of authenticity from a reliable and reputable authentication company. 

How do I create a buyer account?

A: Create an account here!

What is my responsibility as a buyer?

A: As a buyer on KSA Market Place, your responsibility is to read the terms of service and privacy policy before being active in purchasing, provide all shipping and contact information at checkout, and confirming delivery as soon as the package arrives. 

Where can I view terms, policies, and regulations?

A: KSA Market Place terms of service and privacy policy can be found in the footer of our website. 

Who do I contact if my questions aren't answered here?

A: For any questions not answered on the FAQ page or if you have concerns, please email KSA Market Place customer service through our form on our Contact Us page.