Why should you sell with KSA Market Place?

  • KSA Market Place is a consignment sales platform, we take care of the full process, from listing to shipping 
  • Constant communication during the entire process, you will be fully aware of what is going on with your cards
  • Not only is your collectibles listed on this website, but also on our KSA Market Place eBay store! 
  • Between our website and eBay store, we have a large audience of buyers, there is no need to worry about your card not selling 
  • Financially rewarding, you as a consignor of KSA Market Place will not face many or unnecessary fees
  • We are a trusted source, from being 27 years of business with grading and authenticating cards, know we will treat your cards like they are ours 


How does the Sale Happen?

  1. Collectibles consigned with KSA Market Place will be listed on both the KSA Market Place website and eBay store, as well as be put out in our storefront. The listing will be at a buy it now price for a timeframe decided between consignor and KSA Market Place
  2. Once an item has been sold, payment will be issued within 5 business days to the consignor

How to Sell
  1. Read over the terms of service and privacy policy before contacting to consign
  2. Click here to contact us about consigning your cards and/or collectibles to KSA Market Place
  3. Await a response from our team that will include an introduction and all the information of our program for your review 
  4. To create an inventory of items consigned and signed agreement 
  5. Once the agreement has been signed, KSA Market Place will take possession of inventory to be sold